through the Spectrum of Human Consciousness

An Experiential Journey

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Presence Originates through Inner Technologies

Conscious Dimensions behind Our Work

We-Space Competency

Stage-Knowledge & Stage-Embodiment

Theory U According to Otto Scharmer

Presencing the Spiral is nourished by many years of experience with shared conscious spaces, practically grounded for example in the Person-Centered Approach of Carl Rogers and Integral Transformative Leadership according to Pacific Integral.

Our work is based on applied consciousness research and a comprehensive model of stage-like development, with interrater reliability and convergent validity with the most prominent stage models. In addition, we have been evaluated at the latest stages of ego development.

With more than a decade each of learning about and applying Otto Scharmer's conception of Presencing, Theory U is no longer just a model for us, but a living part of our state practice and creative, collective competence.

Outer Technologies Support our Conscious Journey

Our Structures that Carry You


Online Learning Environment

Social Forum

Monthly, one aspect of the human spectrum of consciousness is brought into the experience of presence via a Zoom event. In particular, we use breakout rooms for dyad or small group collaborations that are later integrated into the plenary. Between each event there will be one Zoom Q&A-Discussion.

An online learning environment powered by LearnDash is available for the time between Zoom events. Here, recordings of the events are made available as well as additional materials for preparing for and following up on the Zoom events.

Exchange of experience and a joint deepening and processing of the experience is enabled by a BuddyBoss forum - here questions can be asked, individual contents can be discussed, and feedback can be given. It also serves as a platform for prototyping exercise in triads.

Preparation: Deepening Knowledge

Monthly Life Zoom-Event: Presencing as Shared Experience

Follow-up: Embodied Practice

When thus Theory U and Stage Development Merge in the We-Space

the sum of human consciousness arises in contemporariness with your experience of presence




Before our monthly Zoom events, your knowledge of stage conceptions is expanded. Through theory, especially precise stage descriptions, as well as literary, videographic, musical or artistic examples of the next event`s theme, you will move into resonance with the targeted sphere of consciousness.

In each Zoom event we walk through the left side of the U-process towards the presence of the respective sphere of consciousness. We alternate between different practices such as guided meditation, journaling, voice dialogue, and playing with stage templates - in the interplay of your individual experience, small group exercises, and plenary sharing.

Each Zoom event leads to a small project for the next weeks that brings the respective sphere of consciousness into your everyday life. In addition, triads and Q&A-Discussions contribute to the deepening of the experienced presence and nourish the field of the future arising in and as you.

Presencing the Spiral: An Overview

13 Month Joint Research into the Evolution of Consciousness

Introductory Event

The Developmental Heart Space

The course of the journey will be mapped, meditation will make you experience the theory behind it, journaling will support you to formulate your own intention, and we will playfully get to know ourselves and our emerging field of consciousness.

In seven events we devote ourselves to the stages that are essential for humanity right now. Four of these stages form the heart space - our soul; in addition, there are the stages of life that carry and receive it, and the witness that holds it together.

Spheres of Consciousness

In five events we explore the spheres the spectrum of consciousness is made of: the body and the sense world, life as the place of dreams & energies, the soul and subjective meaning, the spirit as witness consciousness, and the absolute as unity.

Developmental Assessments

In order to optimally direct your consciousness process and to orient yourself within the stage experiences, we offer a 24 Item Sentence Completion Test for stage evaluation before and after the series of events.

Orientation Conversations

Triad Work and Q&A-Conversations

During the series of events, we offer you two personal conversations. This way you can explore your urgent questions and special experiences in the openness of a second consciousness and bring them into harmony with your life story.

In each Zoom event we randomly assign triads. They serve to reflect and refine your practice that came out of the earlier experience of presence during the event. Additionally, there will be one Q&A-Discussion between each meeting that is free and can go off-topic.

In just Six Hours per Month

Reimagine Your Consciousness

Presencing the Spiral

What You Get

By building an anchor into the facets of human development through deep spiritual state experiences - individual as well as collective in their nature - for 13 months.

By knowing that for the next year you can co-create the structure of consciousness in yourself and our community and thereby change the direction of the world spirit.

By acquiring a new flexibility in dealing with the spectrum of consciousness, within you and with how it colors your life and your environment as numerous subpersonalities

By harnessing field effects, you will experience an ongoing integration of state experiences, type differences, and collective learning cycles with your future stage development.

By gaining expert knowledge of the five orders of consciousness through which we come of age as humanity in addition to the changes in your everyday spiritual life.

By nurturing your understanding of stage development and state experiences in everyday life, through role models, which serve as illustration in the course of the event series, they become more present and controllable.

13 months of shared conscious experience

13 three-hour life Zoom-Events

Two different & experienced spiritual companions

Two orientation conversations

Two developmental assessments

13 triad and Q&A experiences

About 100 pages of precise stage descriptions

Numerous materials on the spectrum of consciousness




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Who We Are?!

Bettina Wichers

Roman Angerer

The Service Personal for Your Conscious Evolution

Bettina has followed the path of an educator, gerontologist and coach in her professional life so far, has been exploring consciousness in its outermost extremes for many years - from dementia to nonduality - and knows state and stage experiences from phenomenological as well as structuralist perspectives, up to the latest developmental stages known to us. Currently on her "Journey into the unknown" she accompanies the course as a traveller on the road - in several ways.

Roman holds a master's degree in theological anthropology and value orientation with a focus on educational ethics. For more than a decade, his life has centered on the question of human development, how it proceeds stagewise, successful, and can blossom in groups. His psychological developmental model is used at the New Human University and in his research at the New Human Research & Development Institute. He is currently PhD candidate at Ubiquity University and the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Integral Transpersonal Psychology.